Allan Isbitz - Cambridge, MA  (Review from Angie's list)

"The schedule for this work was very tight.  Due to the amount of work being done, we had to vacate the rental unit for one month.The apartment had to be re-occupied on the first day of August, so everything, including the painting, had to be completed, and the apartment clean so the tenant could move in on time. The general contractor's work took a good 3 weeks, so Cassio had less than a week to completely repaint the first floor apartment.  The partial painting of our unit and the exterior painting was done afterward since we did not have to vacate our unit. Cassio could not have been more cooperative and efficient in the performance of his work.He was careful to coordinate with the general contractor and began his painting work the day the contractor told him he could start.  He put whatever manpower on the job he needed to finish on time.His crew worked diligently and into the night on a couple days to be sure to finish on time. The quality of the work was excellent. There were decisions that had to be made while the job was in progress, and a bit of extra work we added along the way.  Cassio was always available and generous with his time and attention to our needs and preferences.  I followed his suggestions and all of them turned out to be good. Cassio went above and beyond my expectations to do a good job on time.  He is clearly a first-rate manager and painter who shows a strong commitment to doing good work and making sure the client is satisfied, and I would not hesitate to hire him again." Description of job: Boston Painting Services, Inc. prepped and painted all surfaces in our one bedroom rental unit on the first floor, and did a partial painting of the living room and kitchen in our unit on the second floor unit (Owner's unit).The work also involved some exterior painting of the front and back porch decks.This painting work performed by Boston Painting Services was in conjunction with wall and window repairs we had to do as a result of winter damage we incurred from ice dams this past winter.   The General Contractor we hired performed a substantial amount of interior work first and Cassio, the owner of Boston Painting Services, was retained to paint all new and repaired surfaces done by the general contractor.  The work included the living room and kitchen in our unit (the owner's unit) and completely repainting our first floor rental unit.The general contractor's work involved opening walls, removing wet insulation and drying out all interior surfaces where we had water penetration caused by ice dams this past winter. There was also a lot of window trim that had absorbed water and to be replaced, or needed to be Cassio and his crew had to repaint all the affected surfaces after the General Contractor was finished. 

Derek Polonsky - Weston,  MA  (Review from Angie's list)

 "Cassio Kalil provides excellent service and his painting is of the highest quality - and I'm obsessive about it. This is probably the 4th review I have written - and my experience of several years has been consistent.  Given that I knew Cassio, I discussed the project in detail - and left him alone with his men for 2 weeks while I was away.  I knew that he might not have time to complete 2 of the bedrooms - and for that reason did not remove clothing, books and other items.  I was a little nervous when I returned given that I had been away.  No need to have been - not only was the work of the highest caliber, the house was put back, clean and ALL the work had been completed.The kitchen was a complicated job. There was a great deal of detail work required:  Glass paneled cabinets, shelving in inaccessible places, cup hooks to be removed and replaced, elaborate radiator covers and a kitchen floor that had just been refinished that I did not want damaged. The kitchen project was smashing. We used high gloss enamel on all the wood surfaces and matte finish on the walls. The preparation - always the most important element was thoroughly done. The masking of areas was meticulous.Cassio showed me a video of his spray painting all the woodwork and the final finish is magnificent.  And ---- the floors emerged unharmed!!!  The rest of the work, less detail oriented was all done with the same high quality. And, as usually happens, the unpainted areas look 'old' and we added projects while he was still there.  I understood then how he was delayed a week in starting our project and was probably delayed a week in starting the next. He has been responsive to any 'imperfections' and touch ups and his employees are a pleasure to have in the house.  No blaring music, no cigarette smoking, professional, respectful, pleasant to have around, pleased to help move furniture and most important, CLEANED UP each day before leaving. So, bottom line:  IF YOU WANT EXCELLENT WORK, FAIR PRICES KNOWING THAT THE WORK WILL BE DONE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS - Cassio is your person." (review from angies' list). Description of this job: Paint entire exterior of house. (The house is a 1920s colonial - 4200 sq feet)   Power wash, primed where necessary and painted.Repaint kitchen, back entry area, dining room, and 3 bedrooms

Cinthia K. - Newton, MA​ (Review from Yelp)

"This is a review of 5 stars!!  Boston Painting Services Inc besides painting, plastering, carpentry has cleaning services as well, this company is the best!!!!  Since we moved into our home in Newton a year ago, we have been dreaming of having our whole house renovated & painted interior/exterior. We needed everything to be refinished in the house, specially the wood work /painting and plastering. Our old fireplaces needed to be prep and paint and our cabinets  needed to be painted & repaired to brighten our home and make it look more modern. After extensive searching and several overpriced estimates, my husband and I contacted Boston  Painting Services Inc. Cassio was extremely professional, very personable and the price was right so we decided to have his company do the job. I had an idea of what it would look like in my mind but WOW, their amazing work totally exceeded our expectations. Our kitchen looks a thousand times better than I thought it would , the fireplaces are modern, the bathrooms looks new and the whole house interior and exterior looks Absolutely GORGEOUS after all the painting and renovations, it looks BRAND NEW!!!!  After the renovations that Cassio did,  my house worth $70k more!!!! Besides that,  his crew was neat and very professional, and they did the cleaning services as well after they finished the job, everything was spotless, no dust, and his cleaning crew is very  friendly, they come to my house in a weekly basis until nowadays.Thanks Boston Painting Services Inc for this wonderful work." (review from yelp)

Jennifer And Farbod K. -Winchester, MA (Review from Yelp)

 "All of the woodwork done by the carpenters and painting done by Cassio and his team were done meticulously for a flawless end product!  They were hardworking, affordable, caring, considerate, trustworthy, professional, and patient.  Cassio always answered texts to keep clear communication and cleaned up everything.  We recommend Boston Painting Service highly.  When we had time deadlines, Boston Painting Service always came through to get our work done on time (despite their busy schedule with many other clients).  They removed our wooden trim and walls in Aug., installed new drywall, sanded, primed, plastered in Sept., did 2 coats of paint on walls and ceiling in early Oct., removed door frames, installed 3 doors, applied new moldings and baseboards, and boxed in beams with wood 10/22/15- all very well done. In Phase 1 of our remodeling project, Cassio and the rest of the BPS team removed our living room walls and even took out the insulation and bagged it for us to make new electrical wiring easier.  In Phase 2, they worked very hard to put our insulation back onto our empty walls, install new sheetrock in our living room, apply joint compound tape, sand, and prime the new walls.  The new walls looked beautiful!  New corners were straight and perfect.  Cassio even spent a few extra hours unscrewing and adjusting all of the electrical boxes, outlets, etc. to make it the correct distance to be flush with the walls (since the former walls had thin paneling behind it, while the new walls were much thicker drywall), which was extra work that had not been accounted for in his original estimate.  They always cleaned up well, vacuuming up bits of drywall dust from installation of the new walls, etc.  When we complained that the joint compound tape at the top of the new walls went onto the ceiling and looked terrible to us, Cassio told us that it had been done that way to make a clean edge and promised us that it would all look perfect after all of the coats of priming and painting were completed in the next phase (which was true! His team even added little bits of texture to that part of the ceiling later to match the rest of the ceiling.)  Unlike some contractors, Cassio and BPS are very trustworthy.  They work hard and care about meeting all of our needs.  In Phase 3, our living room ceiling and walls were prepped and painted with 2 finish coats of our chosen colors.  It looked gorgeous when they were done, with perfectly straight lines of paint and no splatter to other areas.  Cassio and the rest of the BPS team had taken the time and effort with each phase of our renovation to protect our newly refinished wood floors and to clean up as good as they had found it, even mopping the wooden floor after vacuuming!  For the last phase of our renovation, the carpenters from Boston Painting Service (Santiago and Nick?) ripped out our 5 former door frames carefully, hung 3 newly stained doors, cut and installed our stained trim molding around all 6 doorways and 2 windows, cut and installed our stained baseboards, and boxed in our beams with our stained wooden planks and trim molding.  We were extremely particular about how we wanted it done, with step-by-step instructions and a picture for the order of installation of wood around the beams to achieve the look we were going for.  Unfortunately, it did not go in that order from the beginning, so my husband came home from work to supervise, and he asked them to take down the first plank and put it in the requested order, which they did without complaint.  They were very patient with our demands and created a beautiful look that we were very happy with.   When ripping out one of the door frames and putting in a new door had caused 2 cracks in the paint to the corners around it, Cassio came to do touch-ups to the paint.  After all outlet and light switch covers had been replaced on our new walls, we found one hole for the triple light switch had been made too large when the walls had been installed (so that the cover was not blocking it, with a visible hole of 1.5 x 4" beside it).  Cassio patched it up well, dried it, and repainted that area so that you can't tell that there had ever been a hole.  When one of our curtain rod clasps was missing from the wood trim, Cassio gave us a bunch of ones that had been left by former clients to see if they would work for us - very thoughtful!  We will use Boston Painting Service again." (review from yelp)

 Corinne Vercillo - Arlington, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"We hired Boston Painting Services' in order to repair, restore and paint our kitchen, living room and basement areas due to damage that was done from ice dams this past winter. He also sanded, cleaned and polyurethaned our kitchen cabinets Our situation was such that part of our kitchen was gutted with no walls and ceiling, part of skylight area was missing and part of the ceiling in our basement needed to be replaced.  Cassio, the owner returned my phone call right away and came by to give me an estimate. He was able to schedule us right away and coordinate with our floor contractor in order for us not to waste any time.  We really appreciated how he was able to accommodate us during their incredibly busy season.Santiago, Cassio’s worker was punctual, conscientious, hardworking and a perfectionist.  We are just so happy with all the work and highly recommend Boston Painting Services. Description of job: Repaired, installed insulation and sheetrock, applied plaster, restored and painted our kitchen, living room and basement areas.  Also, sanded, cleaned and polyurethaned our kitchen cabinets. "(review from angie's list)

Romil Sheth - Belmont, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Painting - all interior walls, trims, floor boards and ceilings, patching of numerous holes and wall repair in a few rooms. assio and his team are incredibly hard working, professional and great to work with. They also pride themselves in doing high quality work and go out of their way to make sure the work is done on time, on budget and looks great. We had a short window and they worked long hours and weekends to make sure they finished the project, did great clean up and made sure they addressed all our requirements. I would highly recommend Cassio and his team for any painting project." (review from angie's list)

Dianne Bryce - Boston, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Cassio and his team was fantastic from start to finish. He is an excellent communicator, checking in frequently to make sure we were aware of all timelines and that he understood our expectations completely. Our condo is an older unit that required much scraping and sanding of walls, window trims, radiators, and Cassio showed the utmost of patience with each surface. He uses top quality materials, takes care to cover all surfaces, and the clean up was also very complete.  I wish I could give him an A+ for the work he did.  I will definitely use him again. Description of job: Paint the interior of our entire condo (~1300ft2), including ceilings, walls, window and door trim" (review from angie's list)

Robert Finnegan - Wellesley, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Cassio performed a follow up job for me since I was so impressed with his previous job.  It was great. I had to wait for an appointment but it was worth it. This job was straightforward and uneventful and fast. The crew worked dilgently for three days and performed quick touch up in extra areas for a very reasonable price as well. I am very satisfied with their work - it is consistent and the end result looks great. They had to do bannisters, stairs, hallway and bathroom along with bedrooms. There was some detail invovled. It is great to see over the course of their engagement how well they work together. It can pay off when the workers know what you expect not just the owners. Well run company I believe. Description of job: Painted four rooms    bathroom hallway and foyer and stairs and two bedrooms - with bedrooms only painted walls no trim." (review from angie's list)

Lauren Leahy - Sherborn, MA (Review from Angie's list)

Cassio and his team were amazing to work with.  They got the job done efficiently and professionally.  They kept to our deadline despite some difficult to remove wallpaper, and me changing a color in one of the rooms.  I would work with them again in a heartbeat and recommend them highly.​ (review from angie's list)

Agnes Gardet - Somerville, MA (Review from Angie's list)

We bought a 2 bedroom condo and wanted new paint on walls, ceilings, trims.There were holes and cracks that needed plastering. Cassio was excellent. He replies very quickly to schedule an appointment, to provide the quote, to provide updates. No need to chase him for answers, which we really appreciated. Cassio's team worked before we moved in. It took a little bit more than a week - as we were flexible in the moving date. They protected all the floors and our items very well. They did an excellent job with very high attention to details. Cracks were plastered. Paint on ceilings, walls, trims look really flawless. We're very pleased with Boston Printing Services, Inc. Cassio was very professional, personable, courteous and punctual in all our exchanges. Definitely will work with Cassio again! Description of job: interior paint - 1,300 sq feet condo - ceilings, trims, walls with plastering. Hallway / closets / open floor (kitchen/dining/living) / 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms. (review from angie's list)

Matthew Casey - Medford, MA (Review from Angie's list)

We had a very complicated renovation of an entire house which meant working around electricians, carpenters, plumbers and various handymen. Due to real time re-evaluation of the plans for the job, several changes were made to the layout of the kitchen and the job overall. Cassio was very flexible in terms of scheduling and was always professional, courteous and very responsive to texts, emails and calls throughout the entire process. His recommendations worked out and the cost was in line with his estimate. One very good sign is that the other contractors all commented on the quality of the paint job. The entire renovation (complete re-wiring, re-plumbing, various fixes, sheet rock, plaster and paint) took a little over two months and there were a few stops and starts along the way, but thanks to Cassio's understanding of the situation, there were no problems as a result. We kept most of the old (100+ year old) moulding, which meant a great deal of prep work but it all turned out great. We initially started with a plan to strip the old wallpaper but it was very labor intensive and the original plaster hadn’t held up as well as I thought it might have. At Cassio’s suggestion – and for a very reasonable price – we decided to sheet rock the entire house in 3/8 and skim coat. His crew, including the plasterer that he subbed out, did a very quick and professional job and did quite well at preserving the original molding. I would definitely bring him back for more work and have already recommend him to others.Description of job: Painted the entire interior of a house undergoing total renovation - sheet rock & plaster (subcontractor), trim prep, sanding, caulking, banister stain and poly, primer and finished coats for entire house (1,850 sq. feet - 7 rooms, 2 bathrooms, porch ceiling, front hall and stairway). (review from angie's list)

Chris Viklund - Watertown, MA (Review from Angie's list)

Cassio and his guys are great. They arrived exactly when they said they were going to and were very professional. They cleaned the house at the end of each day and really contained their work well. We had a minor miscommunication and part of the fence on the opposite side of the house was not part of the scope of Cassio's quote, though we thought it was. He was very apologetic and sincere and added the fence at cost. When we did the walk through there were no spots to do over or other notes, they were that meticulous. We had some issues with the ceiling paint in the bathroom bubbling, due to the material of the ceiling. Cassio came back twice to repair the ceiling and we really appreciated the commitment he had to doing the job well. I would hire Cassio again if we needed a painter and would quickly and highly recommend him to anyone interested. Description of job: They painted almost all of our mother's house to prepare it for sale. That included ceiling, walls and trim in the living room, dining room, office, three bedrooms, bathroom ceiling, water-sealed the basement walls, painted some kitchen cabinet doors, and an outdoor fence.(review from angie's list)

 Julia Gaebler - Newton, MA (Review from Angie's list)

I can't say enough about Cassio. He was meticulous in his prep work, careful, courteous, friendly, a very hard worker, always on time, and he stuck to his estimate and timelines exactly. The people he brings with him on the job to assist are equally kind, careful, and professional. He knows a lot about paint colors (I wish I had asked for his opinion earlier in the job!) , and yet he is quite humble. He has a gentle but convincing way of stating his case, for example, for the need for more prep time or plaster work, to ensure a smooth paint job and clean finish. I have asked him back twice now to do touch-ups and to re-paint the colors I got wrong a few years ago, and I'm looking forward to working with him again. We'll also give him the job of our exterior, when we're ready for it. I have acted as a referral for Cassio several times, and my only regret is not having posted a review here sooner. I give him an unqualified across-the-board A+! (review from angie's list)

​Corinne v. - Malden, MA (Review from Yelp)

"We hired Boston Painting Services in order to repair, restore and paint our kitchen, living room and basement areas due to damage that was done from ice dams this past winter. He also sanded, cleaned and polyurethaned our kitchen cabinets Our situation was such that part of our kitchen was gutted with no walls and ceiling, part of skylight area was missing and part of the ceiling in our basement needed to be replaced. Cassio, the owner returned my phone call right away and came by to give me an estimate. He was able to schedule us right away and coordinate with our floor contractor in order for us not to waste any time. We really appreciated how he was able to accommodate us during their incredibly busy season.  Santiago, Cassio's worker was punctual, conscientious, hardworking and a perfectionist. We are just so happy with all the work and highly recommend Boston Painting Services.​" (review from yelp)

Nirmal G.- Natick, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Cassio came by even before we closed on the house. He was referred to me by a colleague and did a good job on our exterior.He took care of trim work, finished right on time and kept us updated through out. Had a reasonable quote and when there was a miscommunication regarding stair rails, did the right thing and finished it at the last minute,even though it was already late in the day. It had only been a few weeks now, and hope the paint job lasts.Would definitely recommend based on work, timing and professionalism."

 Alan Stone - Chelmsford, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Cassio stayed in touch via phone and email, and did a good job of staying coordinating with the installers of our new flooring in the same rooms in which his crew were painting. He and his crew were always on time and courteous, and all post-demolition and construction refuse was removed. After the contracted work was finished, Cassio generously offered to return at no charge and restain the living room baseboards because of some scuffs which occurred during the carpet removal by the floor crew. When he was done the living room was perfect. Description of job: Paint walls and ceilings in two upstairs bedrooms. In living room, demolish and remove brick hearth, repair/reconstruct affected wall and moulding behind old hearth, and then paint living room walls." (review from angie's list).

Andrew Mason - Dedham, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"I purchased the 40 hrs of painting deal and was contacted within 48 hrs to schedule the job.Cassio and his crew were excellent.The work I needed to get done was going to take longer than the 40 hrs and Cassio was able to accommodate me give a great rate on the extra work.They did a wonderful job repairing the walls as we had previously removed very old wallpaper and the walls were a mess.They were very neat and professional.I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family." (review from angie's list)

Claire Feingold Thoryn - Lexington - MA (Review from Angie's list)

"I purchased an Angie's List Big Deal for $399 for two painters for one day.I had more painting work than could be done in that amount of man-hours, so I paid for another day of two painters for $500, which still seemed like a good deal for the quality of work. Cassio needed to reschedule the date a couple of times which was fine as he emailed with me ahead of time--the first time because of car trouble, the second was because, as he scheduled the Big Deal work, people (like me!) would have much more work for him to do than could be done in a day and it made more sense to finish one job before starting another.I found him to be a good communicator around this. I don't mind rescheduling as long as the person is professional and communicates well ahead of time. Our kitchen walls and ceiling were essentially in shambles after an extensive renovation.Cassio had to personally spend a whole day making the surface ready, just for primer. He was absolutely meticulous. He taped off the doors and vacuumed all the dust.He got the walls and ceiling smooth, filled all the cracks and holes and sanded every bit of it.When he got the paint on, it looked perfect.Throwing paint onto unfinished walls ends up looking really bad (my husband and I did that in a hall bathroom, which is how I realized that).Cassio did all the prep work necessary to create a wonderful finished product.My daughter's room was being repainted from a very dark blue color.We asked Cassio to do three walls in white and one in pale lavender.The room didn't need any sanding but going from such a dark tone to a light color took three coats and again, it looked perfect in the end. Cassio would arrive around 8 or 9 am and stayed until about 5 each day--the last day he stayed til 6 making sure he had completely cleaned up everything. He and his coworker were quiet, polite, and professional. They did not work "fast," rather they worked carefully, making sure to create a flawless finished product. I plan to get in touch with Cassio later this year to possibly paint our home's exterior. Description of job: Sanded, finished, primed, and painted kitchen and dining room walls after kitchen renovation; painted child's bedroom walls including an accent wall." (review from angie's list)

Bill McAllister - Framingham, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Very pleased with Boston Painting Services! Cassio and his team did an excellent job painting our interior walls and trim, including removing wallpaper and repainting a stairwell. He was very up front about estimated time and hours required to complete the job, which was very helpful in building a quote for us, which we thought was very reasonable. He took the time to spackle every little hole, dent and damage so that everything was painted flawlessly. I also appreciated how responsive he was to my emails/phone calls and questions. I will definitely be using Cassio again and will be recommending him to friends and family! Description of job: Remove wallpaper, repair walls, and paint hall and trim in three rooms." (review from angie's list)

Amy Stroup - Boston, MA (Review from Angie's list)

"Cassio and his team were wonderful to work with. They do very good work from beginning to end. We are very pleased with the quality of work. This is the second time I have hired BPS to do work for me and I would recommend them to anyone.The first day they came to paint they noticed the floors (which were sanded and refinished a few days earlier) were still a little wet. They recommended it would be best to come back another day to avoid damaging them. I'm so glad they noticed our floors weren't quite dry - disaster avoided! Overall very happy with this company. Great experience! Description of job: Did all necessary prep work (repaired cracks and holes, scraped old paint and applied primer) painted and restained windows and trim in two bedrooms.Removed wallpaper, scraped and repaired walls in foyer, scraped and painted front door and trim." (review from angie's list)